Proposals for Upcoming Assembly

Proposals for May 11, 2019 are due to the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster by March 11, 2019.

Proposal to Prototype Accepting Online Contributions for HMB Area 48


The finance committee has looked at the possibility of accepting online contributions for HMB Area 48. Key details are as follows:

  • The General Service Office (GSO) as well as many other AA service areas have already implemented the acceptance of online contributions. This provides a framework in which the Area can model.
  • In 2018, the HMB Area 48 approved the usage of JotForm for usage of the accepting online registration for the NYSIW and the HMB Area 48 Convention.  JotForm can be used as the front end for creating this capability. JotForm is software that allows for online forms to be created and used.
  • The ability to take online contributions would provide an additional method for HMB Area 48 to receive contributions from our groups and individual members.


While the finance committee has done the initial investigation, the finance committee is seeking approval from the Area to proceed with creating a prototype for accepting online contributions.

The prototype would include:

  • Webpage prototype;
  • JotForm form(s) for accepting contributions;
  • Procedure for moving transactions to Quicken
  • Adhere to the following guidelines
    • Would require acknowledgement that the person sending contributions online is an AA member
    • Would take group contribution – no dollar limit
    • Would take individual contributions with a limit of $3000 annually needs to be tracked and adhered to
    • That an acknowledgement letter be sent to the persons email address
    • That the area assume any fees associated with the online contribution.
  • Need to establish and document the desk procedures for how this would work.
  • A final proposal would be brought back to the area detailing costs and process.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Finance Committee (Jeannie S, Diane R, Cathy P, Deb D and Bill W)

Proposal for HMB Area 48 Debit Card for Ongoing Expenses


The HMB Finance Committee is proposing that the Area obtain and use a Debit Card for ongoing expenses.  At this time, these would be chiefly: Area Mailbox; Area Archival Storage; Software purchase and licensing.  Especially with online purchases, more and more vendors require an electronic payment method. The Area cannot continue to ask its trusted servants to use their personal debit/credit cards for this.  The proposal is for one card to be held by the Area Treasurer with the Personal Identification Number (PIN) being held by the Area Chair. This arrangement is the online equivalent of the two-signature policy that we currently have on Area Checks.  

The debit card would be linked to a second account at the Area’s bank.  Having the card linked to a sub account would limit any exposure the Area would have should the card be illegally accessed or misused.  There would also be a daily limit on the amount that could be charged to the debit card. With each use of the card being reported, this should minimize any financial exposure the Area should face.  As a non-profit, our bank will issue the debit card and set up the second account both without any additional fees.

Each time we have elections and have rotation of Officers, a new PIN can be set.  Also, the Finance Committee will include a review of the use of the debit card in its annual audit of the Area financial records.

HMB would not be the first Area to use Area Debit Cards.  SENY adopted their use last year and other areas as far away as Hawaii and as close as New Hampshire and Ontario have them in current use.  The Finance Committee does not believe this will leave us any more exposed than we are now, but will simplify online transactions, make recurring expenses easier, and relieve the Area Officers of having to use personal cards for transactions.


The Finance Committee of HMB proposes that the Area obtain a debit card that would be linked to an account opened expressly for this purpose.  The debit card would be physically held by the Area Treasurer with the Personal Identification Number (PIN) held exclusively by the Area Chair.  This card will be used for ongoing expenses occurred by the Area. The card will be linked only to a separate account that Citizens Bank will set up for us with limited funds in it.  The PIN will be changed with each rotation of officers.

The debit card usage is to be reviewed by the Audit Committee in its annual audit of the Area’s accounts.

If this proposal is approved, the following updates to the HMB Area Service Manual would be required.

Under Area Chairperson Section

  • HMB Area Debit Card
    • Will retain the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the HMB Area Debit Card.
      • Note: The HMB Area Debit Card is held by the Area Treasurer
    • Upon the rotation of the Treasurer or Area Chairperson position, the Area Chairperson is responsible for changing the PIN.
    • Will be alerted via email on any Debits that occur.

Under Treasurer Section

  • HMB Area Debit Card
    • The treasurer will hold the HMB Area Debit Card.
      • Note: The Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be held by the Area Chairperson
      • Note: Upon the rotation of the Treasurer or Area Chairperson position, the Area Chairperson is responsible for changing the PIN.
    • The Area Debit Card will be linked to a separate account with a maximum daily allowable limit of $1,500.
    • The treasurer will ensure that the Debit Card account has adequate funds to cover expenses. Maximum funds in the account should not exceed $2000.
    • The Area Debit Card will be set up to email the Treasurer and the Area Chairperson when a debit is initiated.
    • The Area Debit Card usage will be limited to reoccurring type expenses that would typically require a credit card to be on file.
      • Examples of allowable expenses: JotForm, Airtable, Website Domain, Archive Storage
      • Examples of expenses not allowed: Allocations, Reservations for service committee chairs to attend regional events like NERAASA, NERF, NYSIW.

Create an Audit Committee Section

  • The Audit Committee will comprise of three (3) past Delegates that are appointed by the Area Chairperson
  • The Audit Committee will conduct an audit of the HMB Area Treasury accounts and report back to the Area Assembly by the May Area Assembly.
  • Scope of the audit would include:
    • Review of tax filings with the IRS and the State of New York
    • Review of Area Debit Card to ensure that usages is limited to approve purposes
    • Review of Service Committee Expenses
    • Review of Process & Procedures used by the Area Treasurer
    • Any other topics the committee thinks may need review

Respectfully Submitted,

The Finance Committee (Jeannie S, Diane R, Cathy P, Deb D and Bill W)

Proposal for Guidelines on Financial Accounts for Area Hosted Events

Financial Reporting to the Area should occur on all financial matters; not just related to the main account the Area holds for 7th Tradition Contributions and expenses.

  • HMB Convention
  • Regional Events when hosted by HMB Area 48
    • New York State Informational Workshop (NYSIW)
    • Northeast Regional AA Service Assembly (NERAASA)
    • Northeast Regional Delegates Reunion (NERD)

All checking/financial accounts related to events, unless otherwise explicitly authorized by the Area Assembly, need to adhere to the following guidelines

  • All persons on the account are required to have minimum of 5 years of sobriety
  • No debit cards (activated or used)
  • 3-4 signers on the account
  • 2 signatures required on all checks
  • Monthly financial reporting to the host committee for events
  • Financial reporting to the Area at Area meetings
  • Closure of accounts within 30 days of the event ending.
    • If the account cannot be closed within 30 days, then this needs to be disclosed to the Area Chair, Area Treasurer and Chair of Event, as soon as this is known
  • Any misappropriation of monies needs to be immediately reported to the Area Chair, Area Treasurer and Chair of the Event (if applicable).

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