Proposals for Upcoming Assembly

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October Proposals 

Proposal 1: Proposal for Guidelines on Financial Accounts for Area Hosted Events

Financial Reporting to the Area should occur on all financial matters; not just related to the main account the Area holds for 7th Tradition Contributions and expenses.

  • HMB Convention
  • Regional Events when hosted by HMB Area 48
    • New York State Informational Workshop (NYSIW)
    • Northeast Regional AA Service Assembly (NERAASA)
    • Northeast Regional Delegates Reunion (NERD)

All checking/financial accounts related to events, unless otherwise explicitly authorized by the Area Assembly, need to adhere to the following guidelines

  • All persons on the account are required to have minimum of 5 years of sobriety
  • No debit cards (activated or used)
  • 3-4 signers on the account
  • 2 signatures required on all checks
  • Monthly financial reporting to the host committee for events
  • Financial reporting to the Area at Area meetings
  • Closure of accounts within 30 days of the event ending.
    • If the account cannot be closed within 30 days, then this needs to be disclosed to the Area Chair, Area Treasurer and Chair of Event, as soon as this is known
  • Any misappropriation of monies needs to be immediately reported to the Area Chair, Area Treasurer and Chair of the Event (if applicable).

Proposal 2 : Literature Chair

View PDF Proposal for Literature Chair

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