Proposals for Upcoming Assembly

October 2018

Proposals Submitted for the October 2018 voting assembly

Budget Proposal
(Received 7/28/18, posted 7/28/18)

Below is the DRAFT budget to be voted on at the October 2018 voting assembly.
HMB 2019 Draft Budget 6-28

Proposal #1
(Received June 19, 2018, posted June 20, 2019)

BackgroundThe current HMB Service Manual tells us that Area events such as Assemblies, Fellowship Days, Day of Sharing, Joy of Service Day, etc., shall be on the weekends, sometimes the second of third weekend of a month, but leaves open the choice of Saturday or Sunday.  

In the past, (October, 1981), our Handbook did specify that some Assemblies be held on Saturdays.  In practice, our Area has been meeting exclusively on Saturdays for some time now.  While recognizing that it is easier to find venues for events on Saturday, and while noting that many people may have obligations on Sundays, we should also take into account that some of our members may be prevented from attending Saturday events because of work requirements, religious practices, or other regular commitments.  In an effort to invite and include all AA members in HMB Service, we should endeavor to hold some HMB Area events on Sundays.

Proposal: The HMB Functions Committee should make a serious and sustained effort to hold two or three of the regular HMB Area events, (Orientation Day, Fellowship Days, Inventory Day, Day of Sharing, Assemblies), especially one of the Voting Assemblies, on Sundays. 

On behalf of District 16 and its members, respectfully submitted In Fellowship and In Service, 

Tara C., District 16 DCM

Proposal #2
(Received by email June 17, 2018 posted June 21, 2018)

Currently, Area events are held throughout the 5 clusters. As outlined in the HMB Service Manual, the HMB Convention and the Joy of Service Day are the only events that rotate between the 5 clusters.
The other 7 events are held in the same cluster each year although there does not seem to be any guidelines as to which clusters host which events. The only current specification in the Service Manual states that the Assemblies are to be held in a geographically central location selected by the Area Functions Committee. Traditionally, these 7 events have been held in the following clusters:
January (Orientation Day, formally Inventory Day) – Eastern Cluster
March (Fellowship or Delegate’s Day) – Hudson Valley Cluster
April (Delegate’s or Fellowship Day)* – Adirondack Cluster
May (Assembly) – Central Cluster
September (Fellowship Day odd years and Election Assembly even years) – Eastern Cluster
October (Assembly) – Central Cluster
November (Inventory Day formally Fellowship Day)* – Western Cluster
*In years when the Western Cluster hosts the Convention, the April & November events are swapped with the Adirondack Cluster.
Although this traditional schedule provides some continuity to the events it also limits the variety within each host cluster. It also gives the Eastern and Central Clusters 2 set events per year while the Adirondack, Hudson Valley and Western Clusters only have one set event per year.

Have all Area Events on a rotating schedule between all of the clusters as follows:

This schedule would provide an opportunity for more members not currently involved in Area Service work to experience different types of events closer to their own home. For example: A member in Plattsburgh may not see the importance of traveling to Fonda (3 hours) for an Assembly if they have never attended an Assembly. If the Assembly was held in Lake George once every 5 years that member may be more likely to travel 1.5 hours to attend. Once a member attends a specific function within their cluster they may be more willing to travel a bit further for the same event next year.
This schedule would also allow for different clusters to host different events and not be locked into the same event each year. For example: The Central Cluster traditionally only hosts Assemblies. It’s all about business. A rotating schedule would allow the Central Cluster to experience more “fun” and “fellowship” events. This schedule would also even out the hosting by clusters so that in different years different clusters would host 1 or 2 events.
Rotation within each cluster as to which district is the host district for an event will remain the responsibility of the cluster. In addition, each district and/or cluster reserves the right to pass on hosting any event. In such a case the host cluster would then be chosen by the Functions Chair with the assistance of the Functions Committee.

Respectfully submitted in love & service,
Tammie E
HMB Area Alternate Chair


May 2018

Proposals Submitted for publication on the website and in the Area Newsletter to be voted on at the May 2018 Area Assembly.

Proposal 1:

Background: In the past, the bidding of regional events has been brought to the assembly for vote prior to bidding on an event.

Proposal: That prior to HMB Area 48 submitting bids for regional events such as NERAASA, NERF or NERD (or any other like events), that it be presented to the Area Assembly for vote.

Proposal 2:

Background: As noted in the current HMB Service Manual, “The Finance Committee shall review and vote on any requests for additional funding not covered in the Area Budget.” However, in the past, any large requests funds, requests for capital expenditures such as computers, and anything that would establish policy of funding on a yearly basis would be brought to the assembly for vote either as part of the next budget or as an individual proposal.

Proposal: To the following to the HMB Area Service Manual under Section 4.6 Finance Committee

– The finance committee is authorized to approve expenses up to $400.
– Requests that are time sensitive and exceed $400 require review and approval of the Finance Committee, Area Delegate and Area Chair.
– Requests for capital expenditures (anything that would be considered an asset, such as computers) require full Area Assembly vote.
– Requests which establish a policy of funding on a yearly basis require full Area Assembly vote.
Proposal from the Area Records Keeper
I would like to formally request a new item to be added to the Area 48 Budget for 2018.
After going to NERAASA this year, I learned about a new product called
It’s an online database that we can use to create and maintain all of our Area records.
There are several reason why I’d like to request the funds to use this product:
  1. FNV is incredibly obtuse and hard to use.  Data cannot be entered in bulk, and must be entered in one cell at a time.
  2. I am the only one who has access to FNV making my work a bottleneck in how fast we can process records.  With the old system all work is duplicated several times over in order to get a single record into the system.  With the new Airtable database, we’ll be able to get all Districts onto the database so they can manage their own records.
  3. Automation and data analysis is impossible in the old system, whereas we can send automated emails and text messages to GSRs and group officers using the new system.
  4. The Alternate Registrar for the Area will be able to help me do my job with the new system, whereas prior to that it is impossible for this to work out.
  5. The District DCMs and Secretaries as well as the Area Chair and Secretary will have readonly access to the data so they can keep up with email and mailing lists with the new system.
  6. FNV has remained largely unchanged for the last ten years, where as Airtable is continually adding new beta features allowing us to do more things with our data.
Also, in regards to confidentiality and anonymity, the new Airtable system will allow districts to get onto the database.  This may seem like an issue, however districts will only be able to see their own records.  And since we are already entrusting these districts with their own data, this should not break the anonymity issues that would otherwise arise from using this new database.
The price for this new product is $5/month/user.  We’ll have 20 users in the system (myself, my alternate, and the records keepers from all 18 districts), making the total price of using this product for a year cost us $1,200.
Proposal from Area Web Chair
Proposal: Spend up to $234 per year on JotForm Software for the area website.
  • Area Records and BTG committees have requested online forms be available on the website for their committees to increase the speed at which requests can be answered and make those forms more accessible to individuals who are trying to submit them on mobile devices.
  • The NYSIW and the HMB Area Convention both require paid online registration.
  • JotForm software is an simple to use system that allows the area to implement online forms like BTG temporary contact forms, Group Change Forms, New Group Forms and paid online registration for conventions and workshops. It has specific implementation options for our wordpress website.
  • We receive a 50% discount as a 501c3 entity. Prices below reflect the 50% discount.
  • Bronze plan is $9.95/month and allows us to receive 1000 submissions per month but only 10 payments (i.e. convention registrations).
  • Silver is $19.50/month and allows us 10,000 combined submissions and 100 payments per month
  • Gold is $49.50/month and allows unlimited submissions
  • We currently subscribe to bronze and the system notifies the webmaster when any of the account limits are close to being reached so the plan can be upgraded.The only reason we would expect to need to upgrade to gold in a given month would be if we were hosting NERAASA. Silver should be sufficient for the area convention and the final month of NYSIW registration.
  • This software will reduce the costs of online registration for paid area events like the NYSIW and the Area Convention by eliminating the fees taken by software like EventBrite who charge a percentage of each transaction ($1.99/ticket+2.5%+3% credit processing fee). With JotForm we pay the monthly subscription cost ($9.95 or $19.50) and the cost of credit card processing (currently 2.2%+.30/transaction for events using Stripe or Paypal, we have both). As an example, the most expensive package for NYSIW is $180, with eventbrite the fees were $11.53, with Jotform (only paying CC processing fees) the fees are $4.26.
  • We’ve chosen this software option as it can handle both the committee needs and the area convention registration needs.
  • Jotform has been recommended by other area webmasters
  • It’s privacy policy does not allow them to sell email addresses collected from the forms (many free software options allowed this).
  • Use of the account would be available to other area committees who can make use of it for things such as surveys, digitizing forms and event registration.