New Meeting Finder is Live

We are excited to announce the new meeting finder has finished beta testing and received positive feedback! The new meeting finder is available under the AA Meetings tab or here.

The new meeting finder is connected to the Area 48 airtables database. This datebase is maintained jointly by the Area 48 Records Keeper and the District Records Keepers.

Why did we make the switch?

  1. This meeting finder is the same one used by many other areas around the world, so there are many people we can ask if we need help. This makes the meeting finder sustainable and it means that the next Technology Chair doesn’t need to know how to code.
  2. This meeting finder sends our meeting information to the Meeting Guide App that you can download for IOS and Android phones.
  3. This meeting finder updates itself with the push of a button. Previously we were uploading excel files which was not as much fun.
  4. This meeting finder allows us to add announcements to the top of the page.