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Big Book and 12 & 12 in American Sign Language

The Big Book and the 12 & 12 are now available in American Sign Language!

Please follow this link to the AAWS YouTube channel to find the videos:


AAWS YouTube Channel


If you are looking for a specific chapter or step in ASL try searching for it by using the search feature with the magnifying glass icon.

For example, to search for The Doctor’s Opinion try searching for “ASL Doctor’s Opinion”



Proposals for May Voting Assembly & Revised Service Manual

Final Proposal to Accept the Online Contributions Prototype

Click here to download


New Proposal to Change the Area 48 Prudent Reserve Amount and Use a Formula

Click here to download


Proposal-Service Manual

Click here to download


Service Manual FINAL-Feb. 2021

Click here to download


Submitted by the HMB Name Change Ad Hoc Committee:

HMB Name Change Proposal v2

Click here to download


Proposal to Add New District

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