Area 48 Event Audio Recordings

To listen to a recording from one of Area 48’s events just click on the file you would like to listen to and it will open up a new page and start playing!

This list will be kept current under the “Events” tab on the menu. Enjoy!


2020 Area 48 Virtual Convention:

Workshop 1: Our Common Welfare & Carrying the Message

Friday Speaker: Cathy P

Workshop 2: The Big Book, where do we go from here?

Workshop 3: Updating the Black & African American Pamphlet

Workshop 4: Staying In Touch While Staying Home

Workshop 5: Maintaining Sobriety the Old Fashioned Way

Long Timer’s Panel

Saturday Speaker: Hiro S.


Grapevine Story Hour!

1. Hosted by Dolores: 10/13/20

2. Hosted by Tracey: 11/10/20

3. Hosted by Bill: 12/8/20

4. Hosted by Christy: 1/12/21