Welcome to the new website. As you can see, everything that was on the old one is included here. But with cleaner, less busy pages, Easier to navigate. There is much more coming.  The ability for the HMB Committee pages to have a dialogue, just like a blog.

Of course our main concern is Anonymity. After all it’s the foundation of our fellowship. So the conundrum was, how to have a website that would serve as a communication for HMB Area 48, and at the same time be able to serve the public looking for information on Alcoholics Anonymous, whether it be Recovery or Service.

The answer was that in order to accomplish our goals, the website would require that people who are going to be able to Post, comment, and read the private pages would have to register. Once registered I could assign them a “role” (user level) that would allow them to utilize the functions necessary to best utilize the site. Keeping this in mind, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Register” link.

Additionally, in order to help prevent spam, the first comment that anyone makes will have to be approved by the administrator (myself at the moment) before it is posted. Once a comment has been approved, any future comments by that person will automatically be posted without requiring admin approval. There is also a spam catcher in place as well as security measures.

Finally, the primary reason for this change was to set up a website that could be maintained and administered without a lot of technical knowledge, making it much easier to replace me or whoever is webmaster. The other benefit besides the obvious improvements of the new system is that Alcoholics Anonymous is moving into the digital age, using Area, District and Intergroup (as well as AA.org) websites to carry the message of recovery, unity and service. It is my sincere hope that this new website is a step in that direction.

Your Webmaster & Humble Servant,


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