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Three Motions for May

Usually the Chair does not put forward motions for the Area to vote on. After all, the Chair is supposed to be impartial and not pushing his or her own agenda. So why then, you might ask, did I put three motions forward to be voted on at our May Assembly. The real answer is — I didn’t.

Well, yes. I did formally write them up and enter them into consideration. I sent them to Linda, our Newsletter Editor to get them printed, and I have made copies and distributed them at Fellowship Day. So how is it that I can say I did not put them forward?

The answer is simple: these motions were put forward by you at Inventory Day in January. If you were there, you got to share in an incredible day with our US Trustee-at-Large Bob. He gave us questions to consider, ideas to debate, points to ponder. We split into different groups and considered the questions by topic. We formulated our responses and made promises to come back and consider these points again.

Some of the questions had to do with the Area itself — how we select candidates for service, how long some of our trusted servants serve in their positions, how we make sure those we elect receive some background training. At Inventory Day I promised that I would go over our talks and pull out of them some motions for us to consider. I did this and wrote them up in three motions. So you see, while I did the formal writing and submission, these motions are actually from the participants at Inventory Day last January.